Swiss Orthopaedics Congress (SGOT) 2023

Swiss Orthopaedics is the Swiss professional association of physicians specializing in orthopedic surgery and trauma of the motor system. Swiss orthopaedics is one of the major funders for the study ARCR_Pred.

Several projects were presented with the use of the ARCR_Pred data:

Baum C., Audigé L., Stojanov T., Müller S., Filardo G., Feltri P., ARCR_Pred Study Group, Müller A. M. Functional and radiographic outcome of degenerative versus traumatic non-massive full-thickness supraspinatus tears of the rotator cuff

Selman F., Audigé L., Müller A., Hayoz A., Wieser K., ARCR_Pred Study Group, Grubhofer F.⠀⠀ Popeye Sign frequency in patients with tenodesis and tenotomy of the biceps tendon

Stojanov T., Audigé L., Aghlmandi S., ARCR_Pred Study Group, Müller A.M. Baseline characteristics of the ARCR_Pred study: the Swiss-wide multicenter cohort for the evaluation and prediction of core outcomes in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Stojanov T., Audigé L., Aghlmandi S., Moroder P., ARCR_Pred Study Group, Müller A.M. Development and validation of a model predicting post-operative shoulder stiffness by patients undergoing an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in Switzerland


Schätz J., de Jong M., Stojanov T., Wehrli M., Mueller A., Benninger E., Jost B., ARCR_Pred Study Group, Audigé L. Profiles of the postoperative management after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair – Analysis as part of a multicentric cohort study